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Saving Money on Toilet Repairs


At some point, most likely you will need to give your toilet some much-deserved attention to get it back to proper working condition. Just like anything else, over time and with use, toilets are going to run into problems sooner or later. The average reported cost of repairing a toilet runs anywhere between $75 for a quick little call to $500 for more time-consuming, advanced repairs; most homeowners spend an average of $205 for a repair, as based on actual project costs as reported by HomeAdvisor.

When your toilet starts acting up, whatever the issue might be, it’s a problem that just can’t be ignored. It’s always best to call on a professional plumber as soon as possible to avoid having small inconveniences become large, expensive problems. Some of the most common problems that Plumber Tom can help with for less than “the other guys” include clogs, reseating, pipe problems, unit replacement, leaks, loss of suction, and many others.


A homeowner will at some point find that his or her toilet is working just fine, but feels loose or wobbly, like it isn’t quite “attached” to the floor anymore. Reseating is the term for the correction that is applied when a toilet has moved from its original position causing a gap, which then contributes to leaking. A Plumber Tom professional will need to remove the toilet, reseat it, and reseal it in place. Although the job is not a complicated one, a pro will take a much shorter time to complete it than an inexperienced homeowner would.

Pipe Issues

You may have leaking from elsewhere surrounding your toilet; oftentimes issues can involve deteriorating, crumbling, rusting, or just broken pipes that are farther into your plumbing system than what you can easily see or reach. These types of repairs would certainly require a professional, because it can involve repair and replacement of your sewer line.

Clogged Toilets

One of the most common issues that homeowners face from time to time regarding toilets in their homes is the clog. Clogs often are the cause for malfunctioning toilets, and it’s usually due to an inappropriate item being flushed, like a child’s toy, a washcloth, or something else. Sometimes objects can be removed with a plunger or an everyday snake, but oftentimes it requires a professional to snake out the line if the clog is too far down the sewer line.

Replacing Your Toilet

If it’s determined that the toilet is beyond repair, and is broken or faulty, you’re going to have to get a replacement. When you call on Plumber Tom to install a new or replacement toilet, keep in mind that the labor cost will be the same, regardless of the toilet that you choose. The variable that would most affect your installation cost is going to be how expensive your new toilet is.

Be sure to call on Plumber Tom whenever you need help with your toilet or with any of your household plumbing. We encourage you to look around and gather quotes for your repair job – Plumber Tom will always beat the price of the competition, and we’ll beat any quote by 10%!