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Do your pipes need to be replaced or lined? How can you tell? What is the difference between replacing and relining pipes? Plumber Tom offers both services and has plenty of experience in repiping and pipe lining in San Diego.

Your Pipes May Need to be Replaced or Lined if:

  • You experience backups or blockages in your drains
  • You smell sewer gas around the building
  • You discover mold growth – especially with sewer odor
  • You have slow drains, even after attempts to clear them
  • You notice grass in the yard that is extra green and lush
  • Indentations appear under pavers and in your lawn
  • Foundation cracks, sinkholes, or settlement occurs
  • You notice pooling septic waste in the yard
  • There is an increase in the presence of rodents and/or insects

Should you notice any of these symptoms of damaged pipes, contact Plumber Tom right away for an expert diagnosis and help.

Do I Need to Replace the Pipes or Have Them Lined?

While repiping may sometimes be the ultimate choice for these types of issues, at other times pipe lining can be a more suitable choice, such as when the cost of repiping would become prohibitive. There are a couple options for lining, including ePipe and various other epoxy lining procedures that are used on gas supply and water pipes. It also becomes a more suitable option when time is a big issue. It takes less time to line pipes than to replace them; relining doesn’t require excavation, but repiping involves ripping up floors and digging. In addition, pipes that are lined with an epoxy lining are going to be better at resisting corrosion than bare new pipe is.

So, with all of these advantages of pipe lining, why would anyone choose to replace pipes instead? For one, epoxy lining is going to have a warranty of about 10 years. All new pipes, on the other hand, should last decades longer. In addition, any valves or moving parts must be replaced because they cannot be coated.

Repiping and Pipe Lining in San Diego

There are drawbacks and benefits to each type of service, so you’ll want to make sure to have Plumber Tom help you in deciding which is best for your needs, your building, your budget, and your overall situation. Don’t wait until a large pipe problem ensues – call Plumber Tom today.

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