How to Unclog a Toilet

No matter how careful you are, toilets clog from time to time. It could be too much toilet paper, or flushing items you shouldn’t, such as paper towel and cotton swabs. Whatever has caused your clogged toilet, Plumber Tom has some helpful tips to get it working properly again.

Use a Trusty Plunger

The first tool in your toilet un-clogging arsenal is a plunger. For most standard clogs, this should do the trick, but things can get messy so have an old towel or mop and some rubber gloves handy.

With your rubber gloves on, grab your plunger, being sure that the rubber flange is extended from the bell. The flange should go into the toilet hole to create a seal. You will also want to make sure that the water in the toilet bowl is covering your plunger completely, press the flushing handle to add more to the bowl if it’s gotten low.

The bell of your plunger is full of air, so very gently push down on the handle to let the air out; a rough push will cause splash back. Now plunge steadily out and in for a count of five. Pull your plunger back and see if the toilet drains. If it drains slowly there’s still something blocking the pipes, continue plunging.

Try a Snake

If the plunger doesn’t do the trick, there is still one more tool to try before you call in the professionals. A plumbing snake will help get past the bends in the toilet pipes and grab any debris that might be blocking the path. Be sure you get one with a rubber coating so it doesn’t scratch up porcelain and pipes.

To use the snake, hold the handle portion in your hands and extend the other end into the toilet, crank the handle (usually clockwise) to release and extend the snaking cable. When you’re unable to extend it further, but you’re sure it hasn’t reached its end, turn the crank in the opposite direction and pull the offending blockage from the drain.

Call Plumber Tom

If at first you don’t succeed, call a plumber! Your toilet is a delicate piece of machinery, and at Plumber Tom our top priority is customer satisfaction, we’d hate to see your toilet become damaged by chemical drain unclogging solutions, or snaking with improper tools. If your toilet is clogged beyond a DIY fix, don’t panic! Call Plumber Tom! Our friendly staff can offer service quickly and efficiently while saving you 10% off what “the other guys” are charging.

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