What Does It Cost to Install a New Faucet?

Whether it’s in regard to new construction or we’re talking about a remodeling job, installing a new faucet is one of the most effective, easiest, and affordable ways to really breathe new life into a place. Think about how many times each day you actually look at your faucets – every time you cook, clean, wash your hands, bathe, and more. While some people may feel comfortable changing out an old, outdated or broken faucet for a new one all by themselves, it’s always best to call on a professional plumber to make sure the job is done correctly and safely. Any number of unexpected issues can and often do arise during faucet replacement. While the average cost for the job is about $244, the cost you’ll pay depends on a handful of factors:

    • The location of your faucet: kitchen, bathroom, utility room, or bathtub
    • The brand and type of faucet, including the materials, finish, handle type, and more
    • The condition of your plumbing, if things are not up to code, you’ll have to pay extra to bring them up to standard
    • Water efficiency and control will be a factor; if you choose a faucet that is unable to handle the current water control setup, you’ll have to either choose a different faucet or get the water control adjusted
    • Connectors and mountings weigh in, too. If you need new ones, you will front the cost for them
    • Condition of the current faucet, believe it or not, can affect the cost, as well. If yours has broken parts or is rusted, it will be more difficult to remove than normal, and could also potentially damage the plumbing lines. Rusted faucets may have to be sawed out, or worse
    • Upgrades and features: For example, if you choose to upgrade to things like a filtration system or lighting, it will cost you more
    • Fit with counter and/or sink: If you choose a faucet that doesn’t fit within the design of your countertop and sink are, you might have to have a plumber cut out areas and replace them, which would increase your costs and the time needed to complete the project.

The best way to avoid any unexpected problems is to trust Plumber Tom with your faucet replacement right from the beginning. With so many variables and so many opportunities for things to go wrong, you don’t want to end up having a would-be tiny project turning into a massive costly issue. Call on Plumber Tom today and let us know how we can help with your faucet project!

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