How Can a Solar Water Heater Benefit Your Home?

Everyone is going green these days, so it should come as no surprise that you can now heat your water by the power of the sun. At Plumber Tom, we’re always looking to the future, and ways to help our clients save money and improve their homes. Check out these amazing benefits to solar water heaters, and call us for more details if you’re interested in outfitting your home with a solar water heater.

Save Money

Studies show that approximately 18% of the energy you use in your home goes toward heating water. That’s a lot of energy being poured into the washing machine, dish washer, and down the bath tub drain. While there’s an initial cost for instillation, power from the sun is free. This means that you can use hot water guilt free, and really get to enjoy your morning shower.

Tax Credits

Homeowners who choose to install solar energy panels could qualify for a tax break through the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. Both residential and commercial owners can file for these incentives in the state of California.

Help the Environment

Using energy from the sun, which is already beating down on the earth, to power your home leaves a smaller carbon footprint than other heating methods. Help fight global warming, while warming your water. No more worrying about taking lengthy showers and the affect it might have on the environment. Enjoy your home and your hot water knowing you’ve done your part for planet earth.

Increase Resale Value

Solar energy is becoming more popular as time goes on, and adding these panels to your home now could have a big impact on resale value later. Much like altering curb appeal can make the difference during a sale, money saving incentives like solar panels can sweeten the pot in a real estate deal.

Remodeling your home for solar water heating can be pricey, which is why Plumber Tom offers the best rates and the best quality. We’ll beat any competitor’s quotes by 10%. Don’t break the bank trying to better your home and the environment, call Plumber Tom today!

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