What is a Camera Pipe Inspection?

Pipe Inspection Cameras Explained

There are plenty of reasons to have your pipes inspected with a camera, but the most common is to locate a blockage or obstruction in the interior pipes of your home, as well as the sewer lines extending from them. The cameras used for this service are highly specialized and very expensive, costing anywhere up to $15,000, making it a job best left to professionals.

What Types of Things Cause Pipe Obstructions?

So now you know the why of pipe inspection camera services, but what about the what? There are plenty of things that could cause leaking or damage, such as overgrown tree roots, sagging or corrosion in the pipes, improperly constructed mortar connectors, and even a buildup of grease and residue.

There’s a reason you are encouraged to only flush certain items down the toilet, or down your sink drain, and that reason is your pipes. Built to withstand quite a beating, your pipes will eventually give out if too many unwarranted items make their way through the system. The pipe inspection camera service can help pinpoint the problem and tell plumbers just where to find it.

Are Pipe Inspection Cameras Safe for my Pipes?

Pipe inspection cameras are considered extremely safe for your pipelines. They are a non-destructive testing, which allows professionals to collect data on the pipes without unearthing or breaking the pipes open to look inside. The camera operator will notice any issues at the time of filming, but many technicians will also save this data to go back over later and re-verify problem areas. This allows for a second opinion, and a plan of action to be formed to eradicate the problems found.

Operating the Camera

Most pipe inspection cameras are operated with the use of a camera tractor, which runs on a cable. The cable is made of a flexible material so that it can be lowered into an access pipe, or a manhole. The tractor allows the camera to move within the pipe, and is remotely controlled by the camera man in a service truck.

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