5 Tips to Keep Your Garbage Disposal in Great Working Order

We see our fair share of garbage disposals, and we know how inconvenient it can be if they stop working. We want all our clients to get the most from their appliances, which is why we’ve compiled this list of 5 tips to keep your garbage disposal in great working order, and avoid unnecessary repairs.

1. Use Your Garbage Disposal Often: Believe it or not, using your garbage disposal regularly will keep it in better working order than saving it for the tough jobs only. The more your garbage disposal runs, the less likely it is to seize up or get clogged with an accumulation of debris.

2. Always Use Cold Water with Your Disposal: Many people make the mistake of using hot water with a disposal, in the hopes of causing grease to melt and dissolve for easier disposal. By the time the grease reaches your trap, however, it will start to solidify into a large, thick clump. By using cold water, the grease has a chance to solidify before being processed in the disposal. This allows congealed grease to be chopped up before it hits the trap.

3. Keep Fibrous Foods Out of the Disposal: Your disposal can handle a lot, but fibrous foods, which come apart into tough strings can wrap themselves around the blades. Corn husks and celery stalks are famous for causing stalls and blockages, jamming our disposal until it can be repaired.

4. Avoid Drain Cleaners and Bleach: Drain cleaners might sound like the perfect solution to a blocked garbage disposal, but the harshness of the chemicals can cause more damage than good. Over time, drain cleaners will begin to corrode the metal in your garbage disposal, breaking down the blades, and causing needs for repairs.

5. Send Your Eggs Down the Drain: Hard surfaced items, such as thin fish bones and egg shells create the perfect exfoliating action for your garbage disposal. Grinding down into small pieces, the motion will help clean the disposal lining.

To install or replace a garbage disposal, the national average is around $400, with the high-end cost being approximately $720. Call Plumber Tom and save 10% on what the “other guys” ask. At Plumber Tom our clients get the bottom line every time, flat rates with no hidden fees. Call today for more details.

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